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Our Aims
We are Bradford Bandits BMX Racing Club, one of the biggest and most active BMX clubs in West Yorkshire. Fully accredited to British Cycling, we are based at the BMX track at Peel Park. Our mission is to promote cycling for all ages, concentrating on the Olympic sport of BMX Racing. Whilst many of our senior members travel all around the world to race BMX, we regularly hold local races for both new and experienced riders.
The Track
The recently redeveloped track at Peel Park is open to the public at all times apart from during club activities. Please ensure you are wearing a helmet whenever you ride. We also advise you to wear long trousers, long sleeved tops and Gloves.
Interested in Helping Us?
We are entirely self funded and Grant maintained. Donations from local businesses are always welcome. In return we can offer advertising space both on the Peel Park site, as well as on various websites.
Membership and Charges
Membership runs from March to February. A social membership is available aimed at parents of riders who wish to become actively involved in the running of club. We also offer training and guidance to volunteers.
Club Activities
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No new events.
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